Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Each and Every Day!

The past three years I have had the best time staying at home with my twins. I stayed at home with my older children until Abby was eighteen months old. At that time I accepted a full time teaching position. Both staying at home and working outside the home have been rewarding as well as had their challenges.
Currently, as a stay at home mom I find I do better if I have a little schedule in my days. That begins by controlling when they wake and sleep. I wake the twins in the morning by 7:45. Yes, this time around I am one blessed momma to have kids who go to bed at eight and sleep through the night until 7:45.
My morning is basically dedicated to Roman and Renley. I complete basic household cleaning after breakfast while the twins free play. They also help me do some the housework when its appropriate. They think it is pretty fun to help do chores.
Each day, with the exception of the day I work, I try to plan some activity for the twins. Not only is it important for them to have free play, I find some structure and activities that require them to complete a task and focus for an age appropriate amount of time, makes our day much more pleasant. I have to admit it is more challenging to get Roman interested. Proves that every child is different. There are days when I am just excited that he sat down with us and attempted to participate!
Here is what we did today:

We read "Elmer the Elephant" by David McKee and discussed colors.

We talked about Elmer's colors while we colored our own elephants. I had them identify the colors and talked about how Elmer was different than the other elephants. We talked about how my eyes were blue and theirs were brown and we looked at pictures for their sisters and talked about how they looked different.

Then we did this:

After some fun outside, we came in and reviewed our colors. We searched for items in the house and put them in our " color graph." When we were done we counted the items. We spent maybe 15 minutes on this activity. They seemed to enjoy it.

At noon we eat lunch and then its is time to read a few books. Next is nap time. I am pretty adamant about not scheduling anything during their nap time. If they are not awake by 3:30-4 I will wake them. After nap is free play. Often their older sisters are home and they like hanging out with them. Then its dinner, fun time with Dad, bath time, story time and often they like to watch a Bubble Guppy show before bed. Then its prayers and lights out at 8!

I think it was a pretty successful day!

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