Monday, March 9, 2015

Creating Outfits

A few weeks ago I packed for a trip. I am notorious for packing way to much stuff and then only wearing a handful of the items. One of my goals has always been to go on a vacation and only bring a carry on. This time I was determined! I packed my bag with fifteen items intended to create seventeen possible outfits.
I decided to choose a color scheme that I could create numerous mix and match outfits so that I would be prepared for what ever weather we would experience. Since I love to wear gray and my closet is full of black and white and because you can never go wrong with black,I chose to build my wardrobe using those colors.
I didn't buy anything new, everything I packed was already hanging in my closet. I am sure you have similar items in your closet that could be substituted for the outfits I created.
Below is a list of the items I packed and pictures.

1. black skinny jeans
2. darker denim jeans
3. black and white striped skirt
4. a black maxi dress
5. black tshirt
6. white t-shirt
7. gray t-shirt
8. black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt
9. dark grey cardigan
10. black leather jacket (which I wore on the plane)
12. black cascade blazer (you could do a cardigan or a traditional blazer13.
13. black flats
14. black wedge sandals
15. converse tennis shoes
16. accessories (necklace and ear rings)

I created seventeen outfits from these items! I am sure Larry will be impressed if I do this on our next vacation!

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